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Here at Dominguez Law, we strive to create a friendly and personalized legal experience for you, whatever your needs. Founded in 2010 by Adriana E. Dominguez, Esq., Dominguez Law has helped a number of individual clients and businesses to take the next steps toward their brighter, new futures.

Dominguez Law Office is a sophisticated and forwarded thinking law practice. We believe in utilizing cutting edge technology to increase our productivity, efficiency, and to cut client costs. We are a green practice, most of our business is done in an electronic, paperless environment, and we strive to only use renewable and sustainably created resources. We believe in volunteerism and making a difference in our community locally, nationally, and globally.

We endeavor to treat every client with dignity and understanding and to develop a unique and comprehensive approach to service all of our client's legal needs. We believe in affordability of legal services and justice for all.  Placing an emphasis on individualized service and quality representation, Dominguez Law Office strives to provide excellence and achieve success in every case.  

Let us help you acheive the future that awaits you. Contact us today!